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Salary and Benefits

The yearly salary range for residents in the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation at UCI is:

PGY Annual Monthly
2 $66,495 $5,541
3 $69,107 $5,758
4 $71,835 $5,986

Chief residents receive an additional fixed monthly stipend.


20 days of vacation leave, 10 days of sick leave, as well as an additional 5 days of education leave with approval are available for residents pursuant to GME policy and the ABPM&R requirements. In addition to the vacation, sick, and educational leave, the program also allows a one-time special leave period in accordance with the ABPM&R policy as follows:

“At the sole discretion of the residency program director, a one-time special leave period may be granted. This special leave period applies to training prospectively planned as two years in duration and longer. Within a special leave period, a trainee is permitted up to four weeks of additional consecutive leave time to occur as a single event, within the total period of residency training. At the conclusion of a special leave period, any unused additional leave time is forfeited. Deriving only from a program director approved special leave period, leave time of up to four weeks is acceptable above and beyond the allowed six weeks of leave annually without needing to make up additional training time. Ideally, special leave time should be considered against planned elective rotations, rather than reducing overall training time spent toward core rotations.”

The University shall provide resident benefit plans including health, dental, vision, short and long-term disability

Malpractice insurance is provided at no charge.

Other benefits include an annual housing stipend, educational/conference allowance, and monthly meal allowance as designated by the CIR contract.